Last weekend, on the 22nd and 23rd August, the FrOSCon took place in St. Augustin (next to Bonn) in Germany. It is one of the bigger Open Source Conferences and my first visit. Short summary: It was great! There were many talks, too bad there were many on talks on the same time, but luckily all talks were recorded.

Personally I gave to talks: about Snappy Ubuntu Core and about Ubuntu Phone. You can watch both talks here and here, both talks are in German. Both talks had many attendees. (Here is a small photo!)

On Saturday I didn’t visit more talks - on the evening, after the talks, there was a free barbecue for everybody! Also, the entrance to the conference was completely free in this year, which I strongly support.

On Sunday I went to the Talk of Benjamin Mako Hill about „Access Without Empowerment“, which was the only English talk which I visited. I also visited a few more talks, if you are interested to watch the other talks, you can have a look here.

The rest of the time was I mostly talking to people at the Ubuntu Booth, mostly showing and presenting my Ubuntu Phones. Besides that we had a small Taskwarrior-Meetup with Dirk Deimeke, Wim Schürmann and Lynoure Braakman which was quite funny and interesting ;).

I really like to visit different Open Source Conferences, mostly to learn new stuff and talk to old and new friends. This time I’ve met many „old“ friends and also met new guys. Surprisingly, I had the chance to meet and talk to Niklas Wenzel from the Ubuntu-Community, who is involved in the development of different apps and features of Ubuntu Phone (and he’s way younger than I would have expected) and also Christian Dywan from Canonical.

I’m really looking forward to the next conferences, which will be Ubucon in Berlin and OpenRheinRuhr in Oberhausen later this year!