2016 will be my favourite „UbuCon-year“. The first UbuCon Summit in Pasadena will take place and at the end of the year the first UbuCon Europe will take place in Essen, Germany from 18th to 20th November. In the latter I’m the head of the organisation team.

The UbuCon Summit is just around the corner and I’m really looking forward to attending the event. It’s the first time that I requested money from the Ubuntu Community Donations Fund which got thankfully accepted. The schedule is complete since a few days and there are many interesting talks, including the opening keynote by Mark Shuttleworth. I’m also going to give a talk about the Labdoo Project, which is a humanitarian social network to bring education around the globe. This will be also my first talk at a conference in English ;-).

If you live in South California and didn’t hear about UbuCon Summit yet, you should definitely consider visiting this event. It’ll be cohosted by the South California Linux Expo which alos have many interesting talks.

I’m looking forward to meeting all my old and new friends. Especially those which I didn’t meet yet, like Richard Gaskin and Nathan Haines, who organises the UbuCon Summit. See you there!