Review bq Aquaris E5 - Ubuntu Edition

Posted on Sa 11 Juli 2015 in Ubuntu • Tagged with ubuntu-planet

The second Ubuntu Phone on the market is also the second phone from the spanish manufacturer bq. The Aquaris E5 is available to buy since a couple of weeks, it's the bigger brother of the E4.5, which was the first Ubuntu Phone.


The bq Aquaris E5 runs the …

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Review Meizu MX4 - Ubuntu Edition

Posted on So 05 Juli 2015 in Ubuntu • Tagged with ubuntu-planet

Since the end of June one can buy the Meizu MX4 in the EU, if you manage to get an invite. I'm in the group of the „Ubuntu Phone Insiders“ and got the device a few of weeks ago. It's time for a review!

A few months back I did …

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Announcing Ubucon Europe 2016

Posted on Fr 05 Juni 2015 in Ubuntu • Tagged with ubuntu-planet

A few days back we announced the 9th Ubucon 2015 in Germany which takes place in Berlin. Next year would be the 10th Ubucon in Germany and we think, we can make something special!

Back in March Costales asked on Google+ a few fellow „Ubuntu Phone Insiders“ (including me), what …

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9th Ubucon 2015 in Germany

Posted on So 24 Mai 2015 in Ubuntu • Tagged with ubuntu-planet

This year we're going to organize the 9th Ubucon in Germany. This time it will be held in the capitol Berlin starting on the 23th and ending on the 25th October 2015. I was a member of the organization team for the since 2013, but this year I am the …

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What's coming next…

Posted on Di 21 April 2015 in Sonstiges • Tagged with ubuntu-planet

Yesterday I have finally finished my Bachelor (yay!) after roughly 3,5 years. Therefore, I've got a bit more time to focus my work on different open source projects (next to my full time job). In this blog post I'm sharing my current plans.

Taskwarrior for Android

In 2012 I've …

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Ubuntu Phone: A deep look into the bq Aquaris E4.5

Posted on So 01 März 2015 in Ubuntu • Tagged with ubuntu-planet

Two years ago Canonical announced the project "Ubuntu Touch". A few weeks back they released the first phone which is running Ubuntu pre-installed. This article focuses on both: the hardware and the software.

The last time I have used an Ubuntu Phone is roughly 1.5 years ago on a …

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Canonical CEO Jane Silber about Ubuntu Phone

Posted on Fr 13 Februar 2015 in Ubuntu • Tagged with ubuntu-planet

During the "Ubuntu Phone Insider Launch Event" I had the chance to do an interview with Cristian Parrino (Vice President Mobile Canonical) and with Jane Silber, who is the CEO of Canonical. I've already published the interview with Cristian Parrino.

Hi Jane and thanks for joining the interview. Could you …

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Cristian Parrino from Canonical about the release of Ubuntu Phone and future plans

Posted on Mi 11 Februar 2015 in Ubuntu • Tagged with ubuntu-planet

On the 6th February I've attended the "Ubuntu Phone Insider Launch Event" which took place in London. There I had the chance to talk to Cristian Parrino. Thankfully he agreed for an interview, where he talked about the current state of Ubuntu Phone and a few feature plans, which weren't …

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Labdoo Laptop-Donation to a school in Sri Lanka

Posted on Do 05 Februar 2015 in Sonstiges • Tagged with ubuntu-planet

Labdoo is an international project which focuses to bring used laptops to schools in developing countries where those laptops can be used by the pupils.


Every year many people are buying new laptops. This is especially the case in industrialized countries. Consequently, there are also many still working laptops …

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Review of Ubucon 2014 Germany

Posted on Sa 25 Oktober 2014 in Events • Tagged with ubuntu-planet

Last weekend the german Ubucon took place in the town of Katlenburg-Lindau. It was the 8th Ubucon in Germany and it was the third time that I attented an Ubucon as a visitor and as a speaker.


It was the second time that I participated in the organisation of …

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